Our Mission

Through Music Ministries, Alicia and Matthew wish to inspire individuals to become God’s missionaries in their home communities.  Christ’s soon return requires each of us to utilize our time, resources, and abilities to spread the wonderful news of God’s redeeming power.  Through personal testimony, we encourage all to find how each of us can become God’s missionary in a sin-darkened world.                                                                                                                                                                                    


Our Biography 

Alicia and Matthew believe their lives have been enriched by a multitude of blessings. They humbly acknowledge their loving and gracious Creator as the source of each blessing and it is to Him they offer their praise and thanks.

They have been:

Blessed with christian parents who allowed them to be home-schooled in order to make time for their opportunities to develop several interests and talents.

Blessed to have been taught and mentored by internationally known artist and performer, Dr. Tamara Orlovsky. Her love and respect for the master composers and her insistence on the pure interpretation of their music has been embraced by Alicia and Matthew.

Blessed to have been involved in church sponsored projects.  Youth programs have instilled in them a love and appreciation for nature and activities such as camping, canoeing, backpacking, and skiing. Matthew has also participated in several triathlons. Both Alicia and Matthew have placed first at the highest level of Bible Achievement, have memorized several books of the bible, and were both invested as master guides at age 16.

Blessed to have competed in and won concerto competitions and to have been invited to play with multiple orchestras.

Blessed to have traveled from coast-to-coast and border-to-border with their older brother Christopher, performing sacred and classical concerts.  Alicia will be graduating this spring from Indiana University with a degree in nursing, a profession that enhances her ability to share the blessings of God’s love.  Matthew will soon enroll in a University to further pursue his love of music and science.

Alicia and Matthew have chosen to share and return to God the wonderful blessings they have received. It is their prayer that you will also be blessed.